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Your DNA, Your Say: the “why” and the “how”

This article by Angela Page, published on the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health website, introduces the video "Your DNA, Your Say - the survey and translations"

Your DNA, Your Say: the “why” and the “how”

31st August 2018

Excerpt from article: 

“Tim Pope, the filmmaker behind the YDYS videos, also happens to be a member of the target audience: the general public (i.e. not a scientist). In a creative development meeting he said, “You have to explain genomics to me as if I were a six year old.” Thus emerged the concept of a young boy acting out the role of a medical doctor, an academic researcher and a pharmaceutical researcher, each accessing people’s DNA and medical data (represented by puzzle pieces) from a database (his playroom bookcase). In the films the young doctor/researcher is played by Middleton’s son, Charlie.”


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Page, A; Robarts (nee Farley), L (2018). Your DNA, Your Say: the “why” and the “how”. [Blog] GA4GH. Available at: [Accessed: 3 September 2018].