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Why it’s time to bring genomics into the mainstream

Anna co-wrote this blog for the World Economic Forum on making genomics more accessible to the public

Why it’s time to bring genomics into the mainstream

27th July 2020

Excerpt from article:

– There has never been a more important time to start a public conversation about genomics.

– This will require developing a new language around the technology to make it meaningful to the general public.

– A global PR campaign could help to demystify this increasingly important branch of medical science.

Genomics. Genomic medicine. Personalised medicine. These are very much the buzzwords of our time when it comes to healthcare. But on hearing them for the first time, what do these terms actually mean to people? One research participant who had never heard of the term genomics before, broke the word down phonetically and suggested: “Is genomics something to do with genes and economics?”

It’s not an unreasonable question, and it’s helpful to be reminded periodically that as a biotechnology community we need to bring everyone up to speed with what we are actually talking about.

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