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The genetic testing maze: who is there to support you?

Anna chaired this public event which took place the first evening of the World Congress on Genetic Counselling 2019 at the Wellcome Genome Campus conference centre

The genetic testing maze: who is there to support you?

2nd October 2019

Event Description from event page on Eventbrite:

What is genetic counselling, what does a genetic counsellor do, and who gets to see one?

Join us at the Wellcome Genome Campus for a lively evening in conversation with genetic counsellors from the UK’s Association of Genetic Nurses and Counsellors to discover more about this vital but often little-known profession. Ask questions and find out how they work with patients to enable them to make informed decisions about genetic tests and diagnoses.

This public event is part of the World Congress on Genetic Counselling (2-4 October), an international conference which will bring hundreds of genetic counsellors from across the globe to the Wellcome Genome Campus.

  • Catherine Houghton – Lead Consultant Genetic Counsellor from Liverpool Centre for Genomic Medicine
  • Sara Levene – Consultant Genetic Counsellor, The Centre for Reproductive & Genetic Health, London
  • Natalie Moreton – Principal Genetic Counsellor from Manchester Genomic Medicine Service
  • Nicola Taverner – Genetic Counsellor and Lecturer, Centre for Medical Education, University Hospital of Wales


Anna Middleton – Genetic Counsellor and Head of Wellcome Genome Campus Society and Ethics Research

You will also have the opportunity to be one of the first visitors to our new Campus exhibition Empowering People: Genetic Counselling in Focus. 


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Middleton A (2019).The genetic testing maze: who is there to support you? Wellcome Genome Campus Connecting Science and the Association of Genetic Nurses and Counsellors. Cambridge, UK, 2nd October. panel chair/public engagement