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The Ethics in Genetics

Anna was a guest on this episode of the web show "Genetics Shambles" on The Cosmic Shambles Network, hosted by Robin Ince and with fellow guest Sarah Chan

The Ethics in Genetics

21st October 2020

Epsiode synopsis from The Cosmic Shambles website:

Whenever the topic of genetics is mentioned this is always a question of ethics not far behind. Whether that is in Stem Cell research, genetic modification or even basic healthcare.

In this show Robin chats to two experts in the field. Dr Sarah Chan is Chancellor’s Fellow in Ethics and Science Communicator in The Usher Institute at the University of Edinburgh. Professor Anna Middleton leads the Society and Ethics Research Group in Connecting Science. She is also Professor/Affiliate Lecturer at Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge.

Full episode from The Cosmic Shambles Network’s YouTube channel:

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