Survey: Future Benefit of Genomics at Risk Without Greater Public Trust

This article on Clinical OMICs highlights the findings from Your DNA, Your Say relating to global publics' willingness to donate their genomic and health data
17th September 2020

Excerpt from article:

The levels of public trust in how genomic data is used and shared needs to increase among the general population, if this information is to fulfill its promise of improving overall health and the delivery of healthcare, according to new research from Society and Ethics Research group at Connecting Science.

The study, published today in the American Journal of Human Genetics and details the extent to which the public are both unfamiliar with, and unwilling to participate in, genomic research.

“Our survey found a wide gap between how medical professionals on one hand and for-profit researchers on the other are trusted to use personal genetic and healthcare data,” said Dr. Richard Milne of Connecting Science and an author of the study. “Given the prevalence of public-private partnerships in many countries, this is a problem that needs to be addressed—because the benefits to human health that genomics provides requires data to be open to all researchers.”


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