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How is society responding to genomics?

Anna gave this invited presentation to a large group of peers at the Genomic Medicine Conference, hosted at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge University

How is society responding to genomics?

5th December 2018

Description of conference from the Biotexcel (event organisers) website:

“The second annual Genomic Medicine 2018 Cambridge took place on 5th & 6th December 2018 at Murray Edwards College in Cambridge and again as a partnership between Biotexcel, East of Anglia Genetics Service, Clinical Genetics at the University of Cambridge & the East of England NHS Genomic Medicine Centre.

The running scientific theme for this meeting like other Biotexcel genomic meetings covered the areas where Next Generation Sequencing is used in the analysis of human disease.  These topics included different disease areas where particularly promising genomic studies have been performed; large population studies; whole genome & whole exome studies; epigenomics and many other topics.  In this meeting we also heard from commercial genomic companies, whether those that currently have genomic solutions on the market, or those that are spin-outs or in the research or earlier phases.

We had some great names speaking at this event including Prof Patrick Chinnery (Cambridge), Prof Yanick Crow (Edinburgh), Prof Deborah Mackay (Southampton), Dr Anna Middleton (Connecting Science, Wellcome Genome Campus), Prof Lucy Raymond (Cambridge) and more.  We heard from the opinion leaders in Genomics in a relaxed casual setting and network with the speakers as well as with other fellow delegates.  On the evening of 5th December a networking dinner took place at The Punter Pub where speakers and delegates were able to meet and and carry on discussions in an even more informal setting.”

(To view Anna’s PowerPoint presentation in its entirety, the MP4 video file is recommended as the presentation included numerous embedded video files which are not viewable in the PDF file)



Middleton A (2018). How is society responding to genomics? Second Annual Genomic Medicine Conference. Cambridge, UK, 5th December. Spoken presentation