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Genomics in a Jiffy

Lauren met with members of the public to talk about Society and Ethics Research's work during Cambridge Science Week

Genomics in a Jiffy

22nd March 2018

About the Event (from the Cambridge Science Festival website):

“These days, we can read genetic code faster and cheaper than ever before, leading to big strides in diagnosing disease, tracking deadly outbreaks and even analysing bacteria in space! It’s a fast-moving journey of discovery but what does it mean for our future? Should we be concerned about new technologies that can edit our genetic code? You’ll be able to discuss these and any other questions you might have around DNA and genomes with researchers from the Wellcome Genome Campus in a series of lively fast-paced sessions.

The Wellcome Genome Campus near the village of Hinxton, south of Cambridge, is home to two of the world’s leading institutes in genomics and computational biology, the Wellcome Sanger Institute and EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute. Together these institutes are committed to delivering life-changing science with the reach, scale and imagination to solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges.”

Lauren, along with ten scientists from the Wellcome Genome Campus met with four small groups of Cambridge area locals to “elevator pitch” them about their research, to make the community more aware of the breadth of work that takes place there in a friendly, easily accessible format.

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Connecting Science (Public Engagement), Cambridge Science Festival 2018, Genomics in a Jiffy, 22 March. Michaelhouse Cafe, Cambridge, UK