Do the Public Need a Good Understanding of Genomics?

Anna's panel involvement at the 2018 Festival of Genomics in London was highlighted in this Frontline Genomics article
21st March 2018

Excerpt from article:

"Last month, the Festival of Genomics hosted an engaging and popular panel discussion about genomics in 2017, which quickly navigated in the direction of public understanding. Panellist Dr Anna Middleton was very much ‘pro’ public understanding and education, highlighting that its good for the general population to be in tune with genomics and genetic testing, considering the vast amount of inherited conditions that people may be at risk of."

2018.03.21 - Frontline Genomics - Do the Public Need a Good Understanding of Genomics (Anna at FOG.png











Dr Anna Middleton speaking at the Festival of Genomics London 2018 (photo from Frontline Genomics)



Farmazi, N (2018) "Do the Public Need a Good Understanding of Genomics?" Frontline Genomics [Online]. Available at: on: 22 March 2018]