From Your DNA, Your Say

Attitudes towards genomic data sharing: Your DNA, Your Say

Invited presentation at the Curating the Clinical Genome 2016 conference at the Wellcome Genome Campus in Cambridge, UK

Attitudes towards genomic data sharing: Your DNA, Your Say

23rd June 2016

This peer-reviewed conference was organised by Wellcome Genome Campus’ Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences and was hosted at the Wellcome Genome Campus conference centre during the session on Patient Reported Data, chaired by Beverly Searle (CEO of Unique).

Anna introduced the Your DNA Your Say study to 100 delegates (genetic health professionals, scientists, academics, policy makers, patient support groups) and explained the value of engaging publics in research on genomic data sharing. Some preliminary empirical data was presented and future recruitment into the survey was encouraged. As a result of this we managed to gain support from additional social scientists to lead on new language translations of the study.



Middleton A (2016) Attitudes towards genomic data sharing. Curating the Clinical Genome conference, 23rd June, Cambridge UK. Spoken presentation.