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A RAREfest insight into genetic medicine

Anna was interviewed about her upcoming participation at RAREfest 2018 by Mike Scialom for his spread in the Cambridge Independent

A RAREfest insight into genetic medicine

3rd October 2018

Excerpt from article:

“RAREfest is set to become the first-ever UK rare disease festival for the public.

The two-day inaugural event on November 30 and December 1 (a Friday and Saturday), organised by Cambridge Rare Disease Network, will see the Guildhall transformed into an interactive exhibition, with talks and films about the much-mooted genetic revolution. The occasion is a chance for those with an interest in genetics to find out and engage with the scientists and researchers working to improve rare disease outcomes.

To discuss the unprecedented opportunities – and challenges – this new era presents I spoke with Dr Anna Middleton, an ethics researcher based at the Wellcome Genome Campus, and a speaker at RAREfest on the Saturday.

First, though, I ask her about her job titles: Dr Middleton seems to have enough roles for at least two LinkedIn profiles….”

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