A RAREfest insight into genetic medicine

Anna was interviewed about her upcoming participation at RAREfest 2018 by Mike Scialom for his spread in the Cambridge Independent
3rd October 2018

Excerpt from article:

"RAREfest is set to become the first-ever UK rare disease festival for the public.

The two-day inaugural event on November 30 and December 1 (a Friday and Saturday), organised by Cambridge Rare Disease Network, will see the Guildhall transformed into an interactive exhibition, with talks and films about the much-mooted genetic revolution. The occasion is a chance for those with an interest in genetics to find out and engage with the scientists and researchers working to improve rare disease outcomes.

To discuss the unprecedented opportunities – and challenges – this new era presents I spoke with Dr Anna Middleton, an ethics researcher based at the Wellcome Genome Campus, and a speaker at RAREfest on the Saturday.

First, though, I ask her about her job titles: Dr Middleton seems to have enough roles for at least two LinkedIn profiles...."


Scialom M (2018) Interview with Anna Middeton. ‘A RAREfest insight into genetic medicine.’ Cambridge Independent, 4 October 2018, p6. Published online: 3 October. Available at: http://www.cambridgeindependent.co.uk/news/health/a-rarefest-insight-int... 4 October 2018]