Lauren Robarts

production manager - creative team

“One of my favourite things is finding ways to communicate with people from all walks of life, whether that be through one-on-one interaction or through a film or video I have helped create. I am also very passionate about spreadsheets. Yes, I love organisation - strategising, researching, planning, budgeting, coordinating. It's important to me to apply my skills to projects that are intended to have a positive impact on the world and society, so creating content for the Research & Dialogue team has been a great fit for me.”

Lauren leads the creatives team within Engagement & Society which produces multimedia communication tools ranging from films to interactive websites to illustrations to illuminated data. Lauren has a master’s degree in filmmaking from Goldsmiths, University of London and a bachelor’s degree in history and environmental science from Georgetown University in Washington DC. In addition to working in media and communications in the UK she worked as a tour guide in Rome for numerous years as well as worked for an environmental activist and documentary filmmaker in Washington DC. Some of Lauren’s more memorable professional moments have been attending the 2014 Berlin Film Festival to see a documentary film she worked on (“Mission Blue”), producing a Game of Thrones parody video for SIGOMA (“Game of Cuts”) and giving a VIP tour of the Colosseum to the rap star Dr Dre.