Research and Dialogue: exploring the ethical, legal and social issues raised by genomics. 

Damian Hebron

dialogue manager

Anna Middleton is Head of Society and Ethics Research at Wellcome Genome Campus Connecting Science. Her PhD is in Psychology and Genetics and she is also a registered genetic counsellor. She is Professor/Affiliate Lecturer, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. She is a creative researcher, working to explore and understand what people think about the application of genomics.

The Kavli Centre for Ethics, Science and the Public

Empowering multi-disciplinary conversations

Sasha Henriques

doctoral candidate

Sasha is a PhD student carrying out an innovative new PhD project, developed by Wellcome Connecting Science and the Wellcome Sanger Institute to explore structural inequalities in genomic research. Sasha is a principal genetic counsellor currently on sabbatical from Guy’s and St Thomas’s NHS trust, UK and a committee member of the Association of the UK Genetic Nurses and Counsellors (AGNC). She has a background in science communication and public engagement. In the last 10 years she has specialised in cardiac genetics while maintaining an interest in meeting the needs of all cultural groups through policy, research, and clinical care in genomics. During her career she also worked for 18 months as a genetic counsellor in Johannesburg, South Africa. This direct experience of the model of genomics in a very disparate culture to the UK led to the development of a package of cross-cultural teaching for genetic counsellors. This is now a taught component of the MSc in Genetic Counselling at Cardiff University and the Scientist Training Programme (STP) for genomic counsellors in England which has received a Teaching Excellence Award from the University of Manchester. She is an advocate for sharing knowledge with communities and believes that true inclusivity in genomics goes far beyond the patient-clinician interaction as such she co-founded Genetics Engage a public engagement platform to promote inclusivity in all things genetic.

UK Citizens' Jury on Genome Editing

(When) should we allow genome editing?

Alessia Costa

post doc - social scientist

Alessia is a social anthropologist with an interest in science and technology studies and ethnographic and socio-material approaches. She has conducted research on family experience of genomic medicine and the communication of genomic results for rare diseases. She is currently working on a project investigating the ethics of data-driven medicine and the digital detection of cognitive decline.

Data-Driven Medicine

Exploring how Artificial Intelligence may change healthcare

Christine Patch

principal staff scientist in genomic counselling

Christine is a staff scientist with the Research & Dialogue group and Clinical Lead for Genetic Counselling at Genomics England. She aided the development of the genetic counselling profession in the UK and is involved in the 100k Genomes Project and the Genomics Medicine Service in the NHS. She was the first genetic counsellor on the UK Human Genetics Commission, chair of the British Society of Genomic Medicine and President of the European Society of Human Genetics.

Jerome Atutornu

doctoral candidate

Jerome is a PhD student between the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge and the Wellcome Genome Campus Research & Dialogue group. His study focuses on cultural barriers in BAME communities to engagement with genomics so that appropriate educational strategies can be devised to aid engagement.

Deaf Community

Genetic testing for deafness can raise profound ethical issues for d/Deaf people