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Woman Sues Hospital for Keeping a Secret

This article on the ABC court case appeared on the USA site Newser, and features a quote from Anna

Woman Sues Hospital for Keeping a Secret

25th November 2018

Excerpt from article:

“A woman who inherited Huntington’s Disease is suing a London hospital for not divulging that her father had the degenerative illness, the Guardian reports. Still unidentified, the woman says she would have aborted her child if she’d known, and now worries for the future of her 8-year-old daughter—who has a 50% chance of inheriting the incurable brain condition. It’s the first time England has faced such a case of genetic responsibility: “This could really change the way we do medicine, because it is about the duty that doctors have to share genetic test results with relatives and whether the duty exists in law,” says Anna Middleton, an ethics expert at Cambridge University.”

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