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Webinar – Science and Society Bites: Engaging Society Equally

Guest speaker: Clio Heslop - Head of Policy, Partnerships and Impact, British Science Association.

Webinar – Science and Society Bites: Engaging Society Equally

25th May 2023

Opportunities to engage with science are not spread equally across the UK. Last year the British Science Association published a report mapping how these opportunities vary across the country. Combining data from STEM education, science jobs, and cultural centres, their report, the first of its kind in the UK, has since inspired our Connecting Science community engagement strategy, as well as many others across the sector.

Clio Heslop, commissioner of the report, will reflect on the findings and what these mean practically for those aiming to improve equity and access to science.

The session will be of interest to anyone thinking about engaging with communities, interested in the theme of equity in science, or wishing to apply for funding to involve the public in research.

Join us via Zoom 25th May 12:30-1:30pm GMT:
Passcode: SandSB

Speaker Bio:

Clio leads a small team working to influence organisations from policy, business, civil society, media, research, and engagement sectors. She is interested in making science institutions and spaces more inclusive to all, and in involving people in decision-making about science. Clio manages the BSA’s role in the Sciencewise consortium, she oversees events and activities for the BSA’s For Thought programme, plus she supports her colleagues to run the Secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Diversity and Inclusion in STEM, and the Future Forum youth voice programme.

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Heslop C (2023) Science and Society Bites: Engaging Society Equally. Webinar, 25 May