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Voices of Genetic Counsellors (8 x ~2″30″)

Genetic Counsellors from London, Cambridge and Manchester speak on camera about the unique skills of GCs and recount particularly memorable cases from their careers

Voices of Genetic Counsellors (8 x ~2″30″)

1st October 2019

Georgina Hall of Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine; Gemma Chandratillake of the East of England Genomic Medicine Centre; Sara Levene of the Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health; Amy Goldman of Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital, along with Jonathan RobertsChristine Patch and Anna Middleton of the Society and Ethics Research Group were all at the Wellcome Genome Campus in January 2019 for the Genomic Practice in Genetic Counselling course. We took advantage of having everyone in one place to capture on camera their candid thoughts on the unique skills of genetic counsellors and their honest recounting of memorable and moving cases from their clinical careers.

Lauren filmed and edited the videos

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Film made by Lauren Robarts. Society and Ethics Research Wellcome Genome Campus (2019) Voices of Genetic Counsellors (playlist). Available at: [Accessed: 18 May 2020]