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Translation Fund grant

Our project, Music of Life, was funded by a £50,000 grant awarded by the Biodata Innovation Centre

Translation Fund grant

1st December 2017

The Biodata Innovation Centre, located at the Wellcome Genome Campus, awarded Anna Middleton £50,000 to fund the Music of Life project. Music of Life brought together experts from the creative sector (advertiser Julian Borra and filmmaker Tim Pope) and experts from Genetic Counselling (the clinical genetics unit of Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge). In this collaboration 6 short films that use music as metaphors for inherited conditions were scripted. The films were made over a two day shoot in Brighton in March 2018 and then incorporated into a tablet hosted app. The videos, via the app, were then shown to a pilot group of patients of the clinical genetics unit at Addenbrookes over the course of 2019, after which the patients were asked 3 short questions about whether or not they enjoyed the films and whether or not they found the metaphor useful to their genetic counselling experience.


Anna Middleton: Translation Fund grant, Biodata Innovation Centre (2017) For “Music of Life” (£50,000)