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The Topol Review: Preparing the healthcare workforce to deliver the digital future (final report)

Anna was involved in the Topol review, providing expert opinion on both the ethics which underpin regulatory frameworks and patient trust, and the skills gap in the current healthcare workforce

The Topol Review: Preparing the healthcare workforce to deliver the digital future (final report)

1st February 2019

Excerpt from Topol Review, page 41:

“The successful implementation of genomic medicine within the NHS will also require investment in a variety of specialist healthcare roles. We recommend that capacity be built within the NHS Genomic Medicine Service through support for specialist healthcare professionals, including genomic counsellors, clinical scientists and specialists in genomic medicine (G5). For example, clinical scientists will be needed to support the development
and delivery of population-based standardised molecular testing, informatics and clinical interpretation pipelines, interacting with other healthcare professionals to ensure that appropriate evidence-based care pathways are implemented. Genetic counselling and clinical genetic services will require sufficient capacity to ful l both their existing specialist roles and to diffuse their expertise across the NHS. Counsellors and specialist physicians will have an extended role in training, provision of referral services (for example, via virtual multi-disciplinary team meetings), support for mainstreaming, and contributions to genomic leadership. They will have a leading role in the development of complex, ethical, patient-led management that encompasses an understanding of how genomic data can lead to a long-term duty of care that extends beyond the index cases to their wider families, and a need to convey complex risk and other probabilistic information.”

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