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The impact of Covid-19 on rare disease communities

This article by Chris appeared on the blog of the Genomics Education Programme, a part of NHS's Health Education England

The impact of Covid-19 on rare disease communities

16th June 2020

Introduction to article:

Guest author Dr Christine Patch explains the challenges in supporting patients with rare disease during the pandemic, as well as the opportunities that may arise

Among current initiatives to combat Covid-19, genomics is achieving a high profile. It is clear it will be a crucial component in the efforts to understand, manage and hopefully ameliorate the consequences of the pandemic. This is truly an example of the power and relevance of genomic medicine, writes Dr Christine Patch.

We have seen this power in action for some time within clinical genetics research and practice. But will the Covid-19 pandemic response, with its emphasis on genomics, help or hinder progress for patients with rare disease and their families?

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