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The Genioz study

Anna was a partner investigator on this Australian study led by Sylvia Metcalfe, funded by the Australian government via the Australian Research Council

The Genioz study

1st April 2019

From the Genioz study’s official website:

What is the Genioz study? The Genioz study aims to investigate the Australian public’s expectations of personal genomics.

How? Through focus groups, a survey, interviews and forums with the public. We conducted the focus groups in Melbourne and Sydney in 2015. The survey was open to the public from April 2016 to the beginning of June 2017. Over 2,000 Australians completed the survey. Our next phase of the study included forums with the public in several Australian capitol cities in 2017. Recruitment and data collection have now finished. Stay tuned for summaries of our results! A summary of our focus groups can be found here.

Why? The research will help define educational strategies and supports, and inform national policy for personal genomics. See what we have done, read up on our latest news. This is to support and empower the Australian public so they can make informed decisions in their use of personal genomic technologies. You can find our community resources here.


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Anna Middleton: The Genioz Study (2019) Australian Research Council Discovery grant  “Understanding the Australian pub-lic’s expectations of personalised genomics” awarded to The University of Melbourne in November 2014, DP150100597, Co-In-vestigators: Prof Sylvia Metcalfe (Australia), Dr Ainsley Newson (Australia), Dr Kathleen Gray (Australia); Ms Bronwyn Terrill (Aus-tralia), A/Prof Clara Gaff, (Australia), Dr Anna Middleton (UK), Prof Brenda Wilson (Canada) ($582,200)