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Richard examines social and ethical questions of genomic data sharing at this Public Engagement Cafe Sci event hosted in Cambridge


16th October 2019

Talk Synopsis from the Cafe Sci Cambridge page on the WGC Public Engagement’s website:

“Data are at the heart of promises about the future of medicine, whether derived from genomic testing, clinical records, research projects or everyday devices. To generate value for society, science and medicine, these data need to be shared and built on. Yet doing this presents challenges – from the technical to the ethical and the social. Sharing our DNA or health data presents threats to privacy, and raises concerns about who is using data, where and for what purposes. Richard Milne will talk about the challenges associated with data sharing, what we know about how patients and the general public think about data, and approaches to ensuring responsible, socially valuable data use.

Richard Milne is a sociologist of science, technology and medicine. He is Senior Social Scientist in the Society and Ethics Research group at the Wellcome Genome Campus, and also holds a research post in the Institute of Public Health at the University of Cambridge. Richard’s research examines social and ethical questions associated with biomedical science and technology, including biotechnologies, big data and new diagnostic technologies.

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Milne R (2019).The ethics of medical data sharing. Cafe Sci Cambridge presented by Wellcome Genome Campus Public Engagement. Cambridge, UK, 16th October. Public engagement