Talking about genetics with children? Use Harry Potter

This guest blog comes from Jon Roberts; doctoral student from Kings College London and Wellcome Genome Campus.
16th May 2016

Jonathan discusses two examples of how Harry Potter could be useful in discussing genetics with children. The examples he uses are not meant to be prescriptive ‘how to’ guides. Instead, they are ideas that you might find helpful in a when thinking about how to have an on-going discussion with your children about a genetic condition that is in the family. Jonathan uses Harry Potter as an example partly because if think it is a rich source of powerful characters and imagery, but also because it is popular and as such children are likely to bring their own knowledge and passion to the conversation. If children are allowed to bring their own opinions and ideas and have these respected, this allows for the conversation to flow and communication to be facilitated. 


Roberts, J (2016). Talking about genetics with children? Use Harry Potter. [Blog] GenomEthics. Available at:   [Accessed: 21 February 2018].