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Talking about genes

Anna's radio interview with Kat Arney of The Naked Scientists about Socialising the Genome, her project about teaming up with the advertising industry to make genomics more sociable

Talking about genes

5th April 2016

“As Misha mentioned, before she took her gene test, she wanted to discuss it with her family. But how do you go about starting conversations like this, especially if all this talk of genes, DNA and genomes is a bit confusing? To get the conversation flowing, genetic counsellor Anna Middleton, based at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Cambridge, has teamed up with advertising exec Julian Borra to make a series of short films about different genetic concepts.”


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Arney K (2016) [radio] Interview with Anna Middleton. Talking about genes, interview with Anna Middleton. University of Cambridge Radio. 5 April