From Socialising the Genome

Socialising the Genome

Anna Middleton and Vivienne Parry's letter to The Lancet about the study Socialising the Genome which explores the public's lack of familiarity with terminology about genomics

Socialising the Genome


22nd April 2017

“The science isn’t the only aspect of genomics that can seem impenetrable to the average person; the word itself has the power to confuse. Our work has shown that members of the public often assume there might be a mistake in pronunciation, asking helpfully: “Did you mean to say gnome when you said genome?” We have also discovered that a substantial gap exists between how genomic scientists and health professionals think genomics should be discussed and what the public actually understands….”

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Parry V, Middleton A (2017) Socialising the Genome. The Lancet, vol. 389, issue 10079, pp 1603–1604, April

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