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Sharing genetic information in families

Vicky gave this hour long presentation at the Kendrew Auditorium on the Wellcome Genome Campus

Sharing genetic information in families

26th September 2016

“The Society and Ethics research group is very interested in the impact of genomics on real people, on patients, on families. And that chimes very nicely with our speaker… Dr Vicky Chico is a specialist in law and healthcare and she’s from the University of Sheffield and she’s going to be telling us about a case that has been in the media recently and will, likely, be in the media again in the new year. A fascinating case that is likely to have an impact on how patients and families are dealt with in a healthcare setting in terms of the communication of genetics through families…”

The video of the presentation was edited in-house by Society and Ethics Research from footage captured by EBI, Wellcome Genome Campus


Chico, V (2016) Sharing genetic information in families. Kendrew Auditorium, EBI, Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridge, England 26th September. Spoken presentation.