Providing a Transcultural Genetic Counseling Service in the UK

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Contributors Anna Middleton
1st October 2007


This paper uses a broad definition of culture to explore the practice of transcultural genetic counseling through three case studies. The first case involves a White genetic counselor seeing an Asian family, the second, an Asian genetic counselor seeing an Asian family and the third, a hearing genetic counselor seeing a culturally Deaf client. Boundaries, transference and countertransference reactions are considered within each transcultural encounter and the author of each case reflects in detail on their role in the client interaction and their impact on the transcultural dynamic. The cases are used to illustrate some cultural beliefs or characteristics that may challenge the genetic counselor’s expectations. The value of identifying and interpreting these differences to facilitate useful clinical work is considered. The paper debates, where possible, whether it is helpful to culturally match genetic counselor and client.



Middleton A, Robson F, Burnell L, Ahmed M (2007) Providing a Transcultural Genetic Counseling Service in the UK. Journal of Genetic Counseling, vol. 16, issue 5, pp 567-582​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​