Problematic concepts in science communication: deficits, dialogues and expertise

Dr Jon Roberts of Society and Ethics Research discusses engaging with public audiences about genomics
28th July 2020

An audience of over 90 people attended Jon's webinar, a part of the SER Seminar Series hosted remotely during Covid-19 home working.

Seminar summary:

Everyone that works in science is, in some way, involved in science communication and science engagement. However, the aims of science communication and what counts as ‘good’ science engagement remain challenging questions. These questions have garnered new importance in a post Covid-19 world where the role of science and science communication is under scrutiny.

In this seminar Jon Roberts explores three often used - but problematic - terms in science communication: deficits, dialogues and expertise. Using the concept of ‘hybrid space’ he explores some different ways we can view these concepts. This can provide new perspectives on science communication, science engagement and how this can aid us in our mission to help everyone explore genomic science.

Watch the full seminar here:

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Roberts J (2020). Problematic concepts in science communication: deficits, dialogues and expertise. Invited speaker as a part of the Society and Ethics Research Seminar Webinar Series. 28 July. Online