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Potential research participants support the return of raw sequence data

An article by Anna, Kate et al in the Journal of Medical Genetics about public attitude towards the return of raw sequence data after genomic sequencing

Potential research participants support the return of raw sequence data


1st August 2015

Health-related results that are discovered in the process of genomic research should only be returned to research participants after being clinically validated and then delivered and followed up within a health service. Returning such results may be difficult for genomic researchers who are limited by resources or unable to access appropriate clinicians. Raw sequence data could, in theory, be returned instead. This might appear nonsensical as, on its own, it is a meaningless code with no clinical value. Yet, as and when direct to consumer genomics services become more widely available (and can be endorsed by independent health professionals and genomic researchers alike), the return of such data could become a realistic proposition. We explore attitudes from <7000 members of the public, genomic researchers, genetic health professionals and non-genetic health professionals and ask participants to suggest what they would do with a raw sequence, if offered it. Results show 62% participants were interested in using it to seek out their own clinical interpretation. Whilst we do not propose that raw sequence data should be returned at the moment, we suggest that should this become feasible in the future, participants of sequencing studies may possibly support this.

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Middleton A, Wright CF, Morley KI, Bragin E, Firth HV, et al on behalf of the DDD study (2015) Potential research participants support the return of raw sequence data. Journal of Medical Genetics, vol. 52, issue 8, pp 571-574, August

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