Podcast Review: Genetics Unzipped – Hidden family secrets revealed by genetic testing

Christina Burke reviewed a podcast episode called 'Hidden family secrets revealed by genetic testing", featuring Anna and hosted by Dr Kat Arney for The Genetics Society series "Unzipped"
9th March 2020

Article excerpt:

Hosted by Dr Kat Arney of The Genetics Society, the podcast adeptly involves the listener in a topic that is often presented as complicated for a general public to understand. Although few of the arguments are novel, what is refreshing is the overriding message that the public must be given more power, both in how this research is conducted and how this data is used.

More than that, the documentary accepts that there are grey areas as to how these new technologies and their powers are wielded. Dr Arney and her second interviewee, Dr Anna Middleton, Head of Society and Ethics Research at the Wellcome Genome Campus in Cambridge, discuss how a genomic database helped catch the notorious Golden State Killer and bring him to justice.

Listen to the podcast episode at the Genetics Unzipped website



Burke, C 2020. Podcast Review: Genetics Unzipped – Hidden family secrets revealed by genetic testing. BioNews [Online] Issue 1038. 9th March Available at: https://www.bionews.org.uk/page_148064 [Accessed: 29 September 2020]