Patient advocacy

Damian and Alessia co-wrote this report regarding their recent findings from the Mutographs project

Patient advocacy

1st February 2023

The Mutographs project is working across multiple research institutions internationally to discover how unusual patterns of mutation are induced by different cancer-causing events. The project has run for several years with funding from Cancer Research UK’s Cancer Grand Challenges programme. For the past five years, two patient advocates (Mimi McCord and Maggie Blanks) have been a core part of the team, offering insight and challenge in support of the project and its researchers.

Over the summer of 2022, staff from Wellcome Connecting Science conducted a series of interviews with the patient advocates and several of the staff working on the programme to understand how the process of patient advocacy had worked, what had gone well and what might be improved in future patient involvement projects. This report summarises what we learned.

Please find below the PDF version of the report, if you require a more accessible version please email

Banner Image: Visiting the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Kenya, 2018. Credit: Kat Arney



Costa A, Hebron D (2023) Patient Advocacy - Learning from Mutographs, report