Panel: Sharing Resources - moving from research into clinical care

Anna presented at the 2019 National Initiatives Meeting, co-hosted by Australia Genomics, GA4GH and Genomics England at the Wellcome Trust in London
3rd May 2019

The session was chaired by Kathryn North and co-speakers were Sue Hill, Peter Goodhand, Clara Gaff, Heidi Rehm and Zornitza Stark.


From the event website:


Leadership from national initiatives around the globe convened in May 2019 to enable knowledge exchange and collaboration among our initiatives as we pursue common goals in advancing human health.


Present progress and challenges in genomic and clinical data collection, use, and sharing

Discuss technical, regulatory, clinical, and educational practices, challenges, and opportunities

Review progress from the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) in facilitating and enabling genomic and clinical data-sharing internationally.



North K, Hill S, Goodhand P, Middleton A, Gaff C, Rehm H, Stark Z (2019). Panel: Sharing Resources - moving from research into clinical care at the 2019 National Initiatives Meeting. London, UK, 3rd May.