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Overview of Genetic Counselling (1 day workshop)

Anna was invited along with Christine Patch to lead on this workshop at the 6th PAN ARAB Human Genetics Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Overview of Genetic Counselling (1 day workshop)

23rd January 2016

The full day course covered:

What is Genetic Counselling?
– Qualications And Training Needed to Work as a Genetic Counsellor in the UK and Reciprocity of Registration within the Genetic Counselling Profession
– Core Theoretical Frameworks that Guide Practice
– Ethical Principles that Guide Practice
– Counselling Supervision

The Work of a Genetic Counsellor
– The Multidisciplinary Approach to Care
– The Types of Patients Genetic Counselors See on their Own
– The Specialist Clinics that Genetic Counsellors Run

How Can Genomics be Used in the Clinic?
– Who Can Receive Sequencing in a Clinical Setting
– The Impact of Genomics on Counselling Practice

Genomics and Ethics
– What to Do with Incidental Findings from Sequencing Studies
– What Information Do People Want to Know?

Case Study 1: Exploring a Diagnosis for Developmental Disorders and the Counselling Issues Case Study 2: Pre Symptomatic Testing in Huntington’s Disease and Counselling Issues
Case Study 3: Pre-Natal Testing and PGD and Counselling Issues
Case Study 4: Genetic Counselling and Disability (Using Deafness as an Example)



Middleton A (2016) Overview of Genetic Counselling. 1 day workshop delivered with Dr Christine Patch from Guys and St Thomas' Hospital. Invited by the Centre for Arab Genomic Studies as part of the Pan Arab Human Genetics Conference, Dubai 21-23 January