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Newborn Genomes Programme

Richard is an EAB member of the Genomics England Newborn Screening Programme

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Newborn Genomes Programme

1st February 2022

Newborn Genomes Programme

We are co-designing and running an NHS-embedded research study to explore the benefits, challenges, and practicalities of sequencing and analysing the genomes of newborns.

The vision

Our increasing ability to harness the power and benefits of sequencing and analysing genomes for our healthcare could provide an opportunity to expand newborn screening from the present 9 conditions offered in the UK to many more rare diseases.

We are beginning a journey with parents, the public and health professionals to explore the many practical, ethical and societal questions around harnessing the power and benefits to diagnose and treat rare disease in newborns.

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Newborn Genomes Programme (2022) Genomics England