'Music of Life' a new metaphor for genomics, delivered as film within genetic counselling

The first presentation on Music of Life first, a project overview and introduction to the films, took place in Milan at the EMPAG 2018 meeting as part of European Society of Human Genetics conference
16th June 2018

The 'music of life' project opened up the 'Improving communication in genetic counselling' plenary session at EMPAG (European Psychosocial Aspects of Genetics conference). To an audience of approximately 200 genetic counsellors, social scientists, geneticists, policy makers and educationalists, Anna introduced the project and took questions on the design of the project and plans for evaluation of the films within genetic counselling.

The films were subsequently highlighted on Twitter and available for use around the world. This was the first time the project has been discussed publicly at a conference and was useful for gauging interest and feedback (which was incredibly positive). Evaluation of the films will be completed throughout 2018-2019.

(To view Anna's PowerPoint presentation in its entirety, the MP4 video file is recommended as the presentation included numerous embedded video files which are not viewable in the PDF file)



Middleton A (2018) 'Music of Life' a new metaphor for genomics, delivered as film within genetic counselling. EMPAG conference within European Society of Human Genetics Conference. Milan, 16th June.