Immunology and identity: The implications of immunity passports

This blog article summarising Richard's SER Seminar Series talk was written by Connecting Science and appeared in Medium
29th July 2020

Excerpt from article:

Historically, every epidemic and pandemic, has presented novel challenges and created new roles for governments, clinicians, companies, scientists, and the public. For example this cartoon shows (not entirely sympathetically) officials of the London Board of Health ‘tracking and tracing’ cases of cholera in 1832, suggesting they are as motivated by their 20 guineas a day, as much as by their concern for public health.

In the 21st century, the impact of Covid19 is leading to the emergence of a new identity. One based on our interactions with a combination of digital, medical, immunological and genomic tools, and information. So called ‘immunity passports’ form one potential pillar of this identity.


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