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Humans 2.0

This episode of the Vox podcast Today, Explained discusses the news of twin girls whose genes had been edited having been born in China. Anna's question to Dr He from the International Summit on Human Genome Editing is included in the episode

Humans 2.0

30th November 2018

Episode logline from’s website

“A Chinese scientist says he has genetically engineered two human babies, with another on the way. Is this the beginning of the end?”

Excerpt from episode:

Joss Fong (Vox science reporter, episode co-host): “And then he presented the results this week at this conference in Hong Kong about human genome editing. A bunch of scientists started asking him really pointed, really critical questions.”

Researcher from Peking University: “This is a red line. Why did you choose to cross this line?”

Anna Middleton: “I’m quite interested in what happened in that conversation and how you explained what the risks were and what evidence you have that they actually understood?”


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