Genomic Practice for Genetic Counsellors (2018)

Anna introduced the fourth edition of this course, offered at the Wellcome Genome Campus by Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences, Connecting Science
6th February 2018

Course description from ACSC website:

"The programme will provide an introduction to the fundamental aspects of genomics and bioinformatics that underpin clinical practice. It will focus on the use of sequencing in relation to diagnostics and has been designed specifically by genetic counsellors for genetic counsellors. There will be a particular focus on learning how to do variant interpretation. For example, workshops will focus on the use of the DECIPHER database, and the identification of variants in cancer and eye disorders.

Attendees will have the opportunity to work with sequence data and explore how it is created, analysed and delivered. The programme begins with a refresher session on molecular genetics, which will offer an overview of all the terminology that will be built upon in the course.

The course is suitable for genetic counsellors practising in the UK or internationally. We also welcome applications from nurses delivering genetic healthcare. The course has been designed so that it is relevant for use by genetic counsellors in their GCRB registration."


Middleton A (2018) Delivered course introduction on the Genomic Practice for Genetic Counsellors course. Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences, Connecting Science, Wellcome Genome Campus. Cambridge UK, 6 February.