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Genomic Health Care: Where we are and possible futures

Chris delivered this keynote lecture on the first day of Wellcome Connecting Science's Nursing, Genomics & Healthcare Conference

Genomic Health Care: Where we are and possible futures

7th July 2021

Conference description (from Wellcome Connecting Science Courses and Conference’s website):

Nurses comprise over 50% of the global healthcare workforce, and have an important role in bringing the benefits of genomics to patients. Despite this, genomics has not been systematically incorporated into nursing teaching curricula, and there have been no significant changes in nursing practice that bring genomics into day-to-day health care.

The inaugural conference aims to address these concerns by focusing on pathways and resources to integrate genomics into clinical practice and nursing education.

Overall the conference will focus on three strategic areas:

Methods of achieving genomic competency, implementation, and integration into the practice setting, academic preparation, regulatory guidance and policy

Mechanisms for international collaborative efforts on nursing genomic integration and evidence-based research

International genomic nursing competencies, genomic integration assessment tool (ASIGN), and the G2NA implementation roadmap

This conference will bring together nurses and educators interested in mainstreaming genomics in the areas of education, practice, policy, research and leadership.

Sessions will run in afternoons for Europe and Africa | mornings for the Americas. Registration includes access to live streamed sessions, poster sessions and online networking channels. Sessions will also be available ‘on demand’ for four weeks after the event.

A number of free registration bursaries are available for this event thanks to generous support from National Cancer Institute (NCI) USA. See below for more details.

Topics include:

  • Driving and measuring change
  • Genomic implementation
  • Exemplars in genomic practice integration
  • Genomic education
  • Leadership and collaboration: growing genomic nursing integration from scratch
  • Policy and regulation
  • Public, patient, and family expectations of genomics and the healthcare workforce
  • Action plan for establishing a collaborative genomic nursing competency

Watch Chris’s full keynote lecture here:

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Patch C (2021). Genomic Health Care: Where we are and possible futures. Keynote lecture of the Nursing, Genomics & Healthcare Conference. Wellcome Connecting Sciene Courses and Conferences. 21 July. Online