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Genetic counselors and Genomic Counseling in the United Kingdom

An invited commentary in Molecular Genetics & Genomics Medicine by Anna et al that focuses on the place of genetic counsellors and "genomic" counselling in this era of increasing use of genomic data across healthcare services

Genetic counselors and Genomic Counseling in the United Kingdom


1st March 2015

Mainstream medical services, whether they are oncology, pediatrics, infectious diseases, cardiology, or dermatology are increasingly using genomic data in patient management. Through the 100,000 Genomes Project in the United Kingdom, 100,000 genomes will be sequenced by 2017 in the National Health Service. Health Education England (HEE) is responsible to the UK government for creating a lasting education legacy to support thousands of healthcare professionals as they upskill in response to this genomic revolution. The place of genetic counselors, genetic counseling, and ultimately “genomic counseling” within this mix forms the focus of this Commentary. This piece is written with the British context in mind, where genetic counseling is delivered predominantly within regional clinical genetics services by the government-funded National Health Service (NHS).

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Middleton A, Hall G, Patch C (2015) Genetic counsellors and genomic counselling in the United Kingdom. Molecular Genetics and Genomic Medicine, vol. 3, issue 2, pp 79-83, March

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