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Genetic counselling in the era of genomic medicine

Chris Patch and Anna Middleton co authored this article for British Medical Bulletin

Genetic counselling in the era of genomic medicine


1st June 2018


Background Genomic technology can now deliver cost effective, targeted diagnosis and treatment for patients. Genetic counselling is a communication process empowering patients and families to make autonomous decisions and effectively use new genetic information. The skills of genetic counselling and expertise of genetic counsellors are integral to the effective implementation of genomic medicine.

Sources of data Original papers, reviews, guidelines, policy papers and web-resources.

Areas of agreement An international consensus on the definition of genetic counselling. Genetic counselling is necessary for implementation of genomic medicine.

Areas of controversy Models of genetic counselling.

Growing points Genomic medicine is a growing and strategic priority for many health care systems. Genetic counselling is part of this.

Areas timely for developing research An evidence base is necessary, incorporating implementation and outcome research, to enable health care systems, practitioners, patients and families to maximize the utility (medically and psychologically) of the new genomic possibilities.

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Patch C, Middleton A (2018) Genetic counselling in the era of genomic medicine. British Medical Bulletin, vol. 126, issue 1, pp 27–36, June

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