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Genetic Counselling In Action (6 x ~5′ instructional videos)

Society and Ethics Research, along with course co-creater Sue Kenwrick scripted and produced this series of instructional videos, directed and edited by Tin Pot Films

Genetic Counselling In Action (6 x ~5′ instructional videos)

5th December 2016

The films were initially created for use on the Genetic Counselling module of the MSt Genomic Medicine course at Cambridge University in April 2017, though they can be used on future courses.

The series of instructional videos include:

  • Taking a Family Tree (7’46”)
  • Genetic Risk Assessment (6’45”)
  • Taking Consent for Genetic Testing (7’14”)
  • Giving Genetic Testing Results (4’10”)
  • Family Communication (4’01”)
  • Follow Up (3’00”)

The films are available for download by clicking here

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Film made by Lauren Robarts. Society and Ethics Research Wellcome Genome Campus (2016) Genetic Counselling in Action role play videos. Available at: [Accessed: 21 February 2018]