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Evidenced-Based Genetic Counselling

This special issue of the European Journal of Medical Genetics was co-edited by Anna Middleton, Chris Patch and Barbara Biesecker following up from the first ever World Congress of Genetic Counselling, which took place at the Wellcome Genome Campus in October 2017

Evidenced-Based Genetic Counselling

1st May 2019

Excerpt from the editorial, World congress on genetic counselling, written by the three co-guest editors:

“This special issue of the European Journal of Medical Genetics includes presentations given at the inaugural World Congress on Genetic Counselling in 2017 which occurred at the Wellcome Genome Campus in Cambridge, UK. Attended by 220 genetic counsellors from 24 different countries, the Congress was a global first to focus solely on empirical research on genetic counselling. As a testimony to the rich environment to foster ideas and spark conversation, the 2017 World Congress enabled genetic counsellors from across the world to consolidate an important scoping paper on the state of the global genetic counselling profession (Abacan et al., 2019).”

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Middleton A, Patch C, Biesecker B (Eds) (2019) Evidenced-Based Genetic Counselling [Special issue]. European Journal of Medical Genetics, vol. 62, issue 5, May