Ethical challenges in the data-driven detection of dementia

Richard Milne and Alessia Costa were invited to speak at the 30th Alzheimer Europe Conference regarding dementia research and AI: the ethical and social implications
22nd October 2020

There is growing interest in the development of data-driven and AI technologies for the detection of cognitive decline and early diagnosis of dementia. Such technologies involve new collaborations and encounters between clinicians, clinical researchers and scientists and companies working on technology and AI. This paper reviews ethical questions raised by AI and data-driven technologies for the detection of cognitive decline, situating these at the intersection of discussions of dementia research ethics, data ethics and the ethics of AI and algorithms. The paper draws on findings from an ongoing research study with academic and clinical researchers and technology companies to identify emerging ethical issues associated with digital tools for the early diagnosis of dementia.



Milne R, Costa A (2020) Ethical challenges associated with the digital detection of dementia. In:  30th Alzheimer Europe Conference, Dementia in a Changing World. Online. 22 October