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Editorial: World congress on genetic counselling

The three guest editors of the European Journal of Medical Genetic's special issue, 'Evidence-Based Genetic Counselling,' Anna Middleton, Chris Patch and Barbara Biesecker, co-wrote this editorial

Editorial: World congress on genetic counselling


1st May 2019

Excerpt from article:

“Genetic Counsellors are health professionals in high demand as genomic medicine sweeps across the world (Ormond et al., 2018); over the next 5 years there will be a greater number of genome sequences completed in a clinical than in a research setting (Stark et al., 2019). Tasked with the care of both the individual and his/her family, the 7000 genetic counsellors worldwide (Abacan et al., 2019) help patients make meaning of their family history of disease, genomic test results, including health risks, follow up medical care, and genetic risks to relatives.”


Middleton A, Patch C, Biesecker B (2019) Editorial: World congress on genetic counselling. European Journal of Medical Genetics, vol. 62, issue 5, pp 287, May

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