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DNA+ Money

An interview with Anna was included in this BBC Radio 1 Stories series, "DNA+" hosted by Dev Griffin

DNA+ Money

21st August 2018

From BBC’s Radio 1 website:

“What might your DNA be worth? Dev wants to find out what he could be paid for his genome, by getting behind the acronyms and the jargon to understand more about his genetics.

In 2003, the first full human genome was decoded. It cost $3 billion and took 13 years. But technology has developed in leaps and bounds since then and now you can have your genome sequenced in days for the price of an iPhone. But should you? What might that information reveal about you and your relatives? Could it show your likelihood to develop cancer? Can it even show you how long you’ll live for?

And if you do decide to be sequenced, where and how should you store that information? When there seems to be a data breach every week, how can you protect your decoded genome from being hacked, particularly when the data has real value?”

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