Disruption and Dislocation in Post-COVID Futures for Digital Health

Richard Milne and Alessia Costa wrote this journal article for Big Data & Society regarding the COVID pandemic
17th August 2020


In this piece we explore the COVID pandemic as an opportunity for the articulation and realization of digital health futures. Our discussion draws on an engagement with emergent discourse around COVID-19 and ongoing work on imaginaries of future care associated with digital tools for the detection of cognitive decline and the risk of dementia. We describe how the post-COVID futures of digital health are narrated in terms of the timing and speed with which they are being brought into being, as market actors attempt to establish the scale and durability of the COVID transformation. However, we also point to the particularly spatial changes to medical practice they envisage. In a time of distancing and isolation, the ability to operate effectively at a distance has become integral to the future of medical assessment, diagnosis and care. However, spatialized promises of digital health and the ability to act remotely are unevenly spread – some organizations and entities inevitably have greater reach.


Milne R, and Costa A (2020) Disruption and Dislocation in Post-COVID Futures for Digital Health. Big Data & Society, vol. 7, issue 2