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Counselling Skills for Genomics (2018)

Anna co-designed and led this module for Mst Genomic Medicine at Cambridge University, along with Sue Kenwrick

Counselling Skills for Genomics (2018)

16th April 2018

The MSt in Genomic Medicine is part of the suite of postgraduate courses in Genomic Medicine and designed to educate suitably qualified NHS healthcare professionals from across the multi-professional team to prepare for the future adoption of genomic technologies and the increasing use of genomic information as part of the diagnostic and treatment pathway. The 30 hour face-to-face teaching on the Counselling module covered lectures on social, counselling, ethical and legal issues relating to genomic testing and how to discuss these effectively with patients.

A series of short instructional videos were also produced by Society and Ethics Research to accompany the course. Click here to open a new window where these videos can be watched and downloaded.

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Middleton A and Kenwrick S (co-module leads) (2018) Designed, delivered and co-ordinated the Counselling Skills for Genomics module (150 hours) on the Mst Genomic Medicine for health professionals, supported by Health Education England. University of Cambridge, 16-20 April