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Connecting Science Annual Review 2018/19

Jon, Richard and Anna contributed articles to the Connecting Science annual review, covering topics as broad as Artificial Intelligence in healthcare to the future of genetic counselling

Connecting Science Annual Review 2018/19

4th June 2019

From the Connecting Science website:

We launched our annual review this week at a celebration marking a year of work, collaborations and success. Connecting Science staff, from across the programme, contributed to the review in some way, either by writing articles, compiling data and metrics, or sharing photography.

This year’s review includes 12 excellent articles covering topics including big data, genetic counselling, and diversifying our audiences.


  • Director’s Introduction
  • Connecting Science in Twelve Months (stats)

​Catalysing Change

  • Watermark of engagement – a Campus-wide story of change
  • Supporting researchers worldwide to build capacity for next generation sequencing bioinformatics
  • How small changes lead to great improvements
  • Empowering researchers to experiment with engagement

Big Data and Us

  • The meaning of ‘my’ data in the genomics age
  • Exploring the ethical challenges of data-driven medicine

Diversifying Audiences

  • Online courses: reaching more people, increasing impact, and improving careers
  • Starting new genomics journeys with schools across our region
  • LifeLab – reaching out to new communities
  • Genomics and beyond – diversifying our conference programme
  • 30 year anniversary awards: impact and feedback

Spotlight on Genetic Counselling

  • The future of genetic counselling

In closing

  • Who we are
  • Our partners and networks
  • Publications


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Connecting Science (2019). Annual Review 2018/19. Cambridge, UK: Wellcome Genome Campus Connecting Science. Available online: [Accessed : 27 June 2019]