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Breakthrough: Human Embryos Successfully and Safely Gene-Edited

Anna was quoted in this Fairfield Current article on a CRISPR/Cas9 breakthrough regarding MYBPC3 mutation

Breakthrough: Human Embryos Successfully and Safely Gene-Edited

2nd August 2017

Excerpt from article:

“A way to fix embryos? But that may require several cycles of IVF, which is expensive and carries with it side effects and complications, before enough genetically healthy embryos are created. Out of 58 embryos, 42 showed the normal gene in every cell. While the US has uniquely lax laws surrounding human genome editing (the government will not fund it, but private funders abound), over 40 countries have laws prohibiting germline gene editing – the kind that can be passed on to future generations – and all European countries are bound by the Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine, which prohibit the same thing.

Similarly, Anna Middleton, vice chair of the United Kingdom association of genetic nurses and counselors, said while the science is “really elegant” it must be replicated extensively before any rm conclusions can be drawn about the accuracy and safety of the approach.”



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