9th Presidency Conference: Forward together with innovation: The why, what and how of tackling the Implementation Gap for healthcare in the EU Portugese Presidency of the EU

Anna was invited as a Key Note speaker to present at the above conference.
8th March 2021

Successful development and deployment of healthcare innovation depends on a policy framework in which countries would find it easier to reach consistent decisions and to provide clearer funding arrangements, thus boosting access and continued development.

Recent demonstrations of wide support for EU initiatives such as its Beating Cancer Plan or its Cancer Mission, as well as numerous declarations made by the EU institutions both before and during the coronavirus crisis, suggest a growing recognition of the need to innovate – at the level of both policymakers and of the health community. The renewed attention to disparities in health care and access across Europe is also driving new assessments of obstacles and new pursuits of solutions and promoting greater networking and collaboration among cancer institutions.

But nothing will happen by accident. Constructive change to the health care context could ensure better use of the potential offered by new technologies in testing, in diagnosis and in treatment of cancer, through development and use of biomarkers and the advanced treatments.

But this will result only from vigorous debate among all stakeholders, and agreement on recommendations of a technical and political nature that will result in a better deal for patients and a more sustainable approach to healthcare.



Middleton A (2021) Your DNA Your Say. 9th Presidency European Personalised Medicine Alliance Conference. 8th May, virtual